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  • COLLEGE VISITS: University of Lynchburg 10/30 at 1:00

  • COLLEGE VISITS: St. Bonaventure 10/29 at 1:30

  • COLLEGE VISITS: Scad 10/25 at 1:00

  • COLLEGE VISITS: Germanna Community College 10/24 and 2/13 at 9:00

  • COLLEGE VISITS: Virginia Commonwealth University 10/18 at 8:30

  • COLLEGE VISITS: Widener University 10/15 at 1:00

  • COLLEGE VISITS: Hollins University 10/12 at 1:00

  • COLLEGE VISITS: Catawba College 10/12 at 8:00

Senior Karoke

Ciara Beverly, Staff Reporter

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Senior Karaoke is on Wednesday, January 17. It will be at 2:20 pm. It is five dollars to attend. Senior students will be allowed to show off their singing talents at the show while other will watch.

There will be a mandatory meet on Wednesday, January 10 after school for seniors that want to sing.

Only seniors will be allowed to do sing but anyone is allowed to go for a fee of five dollars. For seniors who want to participate will be expected to attend the mandatory meeting on Wednesday, January 10.

The senior karaoke did not happen last year because not enough students wanted to attend.

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Senior Karoke