The Smoke Signal

  • COLLEGE VISITS: University of Lynchburg 10/30 at 1:00

  • COLLEGE VISITS: St. Bonaventure 10/29 at 1:30

  • COLLEGE VISITS: Scad 10/25 at 1:00

  • COLLEGE VISITS: Germanna Community College 10/24 and 2/13 at 9:00

  • COLLEGE VISITS: Virginia Commonwealth University 10/18 at 8:30

  • COLLEGE VISITS: Widener University 10/15 at 1:00

  • COLLEGE VISITS: Hollins University 10/12 at 1:00

  • COLLEGE VISITS: Catawba College 10/12 at 8:00


The Stafford High School Smoke Signal Newspaper has been around as long as the school has been.

The Stafford High School Smoke Signal Website came into being 8 years ago and has since undergone many changes.  It currently has a staff of three seniors and an advisor.  Students who work on the newspaper, the Stafford Smoke Signal, may write on the website from time to time as well.

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The school newspaper of Stafford High School